Alberta we're coming your way very soon and can't wait to show our old buds what we've been working on these past few years.



Today would have been the 50th birthday of my favourite singer. Shannon Hoon. I put together this cover/tribute over the last week to pay my respect to Shannon and Blind Melon; a band that has been super influential to me growing as a musician.

This song means the world to me. You hear people talking about not changing who you are, be yourself...yada, yada. When life is hard...you have to CHANGE. Change is inevitable. Change yourself to be a better version of who you once were. You don't like how things are going in your life...change it. Be your own best friend rather than your worst enemy. 

"Change" is my all-time favourite song and It took me a while to finally be able to sing this second verse. I only really began to get it a few years ago. When I was 18 or 19 I sent an email to Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon about the audition they were having for the new singer of the band. I had sent him off a really rough demo of the first song I had written completely on my own titled, "Hit The Wall." He emailed back saying that he liked my voice and was interested in hearing a cover of, "Change." At that time I couldn't hit the second verse and didn't ever send him a version of it. Hopefully this video makes it to the Melon crew someday.

All the instruments and mixing were done by myself using garage band on my MacBook. I never wanted to go with anything too fancy. It was a project I wanted to tackle mostly on my own (I had the help of my girlfriend for video intent.) Everything visually was shot with an iPhone.

Happy 50th birthday, Shannon Hoon.


Well, the cat's out of the bag and we couldn't be more excited. This summer has been nothing short of fantastic and what a way to top it all off before we head into the studio to begin recording in October than to announce that we'll be opening for Big Sugar on September 22nd in Truro as a part of a brand new festival called, "Rock The Hub."

We've been fans of Big Sugar since we began playing music and now are getting the privilege to share the stage with them. These long nights/early mornings are finally starting to pay off. The hard work we've been putting in is beginning to shine through more than just the cracks of our good friends and family that have been supporting us since day one.

Grease coast rock n' roll will be kicked into overdrive big time that night. Get your tickets now at www.rockthehub.ca


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