Friday, November 2nd we head over to PEI to play a good ol' fashioned, sweaty Rock N' Roll show with our buds in The Royal North and Brad Milligan Band. We haven't played in town since last summer so expect a whole slew of new tunes and an amped up set. 

We recently had the opportunity to perform overseas In Örebro, Sweden for their annual LIVE AT HEART Festival!
Aside from performing, we spent our days taking in the location culture, from the Castle to a very late night stroll to Max by the Behrn Arena (Thanks Tobias for your guidance of the menu!). You could say we had some fun.

Shot live from our first of three showcases, The video (linked below) is our latest release, Single "The Swedish Motel". At the time

Our SOCAN foundation grant for travel assistance to Live At Heart in Sweden was approved. This is greatly appreciated in helping fund the trip. Thank you for the support. 

We’re going to do all we can to leave a good name for Canadian rock n’ roll because we know for a fact it is alive and well. We couldn't be prouder to be representing our Country over in Europe.


The wait is over! “The Swedish Motel” is here. Click the link to get it now at your preferred service. 

Infectious rock n' roll groove laced with a reggae backbone; "The Swedish Motel" takes you for a spin from gig to gig in a 70's Volvo Station Wagon. A tune about the tight-knit musical community, trials and tribulations of "making it" as a musician.

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