"Swedish Motel" Out Now!


The wait is over! “The Swedish Motel” is here. Click the link to get it now at your preferred service. 

Infectious rock n' roll groove laced with a reggae backbone; "The Swedish Motel" takes you for a spin from gig…

Black Top Ball

The cat...er squirrel is out of the bag! We’re happy to announce that we’ll be taking part in this year’s Blacktop Ball festivities. We’ll be performing twice on Saturday. Our stripped down set after lunch and the main stage once…

Best "Company" Tour

The Best "Company" mini tour concluded Saturday night with a fantastic crowd in Truro at BellyUp BBQ & Grill. We had an absolute blast rockin’ n’ rollin’ with our best buds, Natalie Lynn. Nat and the boys are…

2 Year album-versary!

Can you believe that two years have gone by already?!

To commemorate the "album-versary" the boys put their thinking caps on and compiled a list of personal favourites that gave them the push to pick up their instruments and giv'er…

Grease To West

Alberta, we're coming your way very soon and can't wait to show our old buds what we've been working on these past few years.

Toronto Indie Week

We're heading to Ontario this November!
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Happy 50th Birthday, Shannon Hoon

Today would have been the 50th birthday of my favourite singer. Shannon Hoon. I put together this cover/tribute over the last week to pay my respect to Shannon and Blind Melon; a band that has been super influential to…

Rock The Hub

Well, the cat's out of the bag and we couldn't be more excited. This summer has been nothing short of fantastic and what a way to top it all off before we head into the studio to begin recording in…

Q104 Homegrown Champions

The boys kicked off summer 2017 in overdrive placing first in a contest that had over 100 bands who applied, 18 semi-finalists, 3 finalists and 1 winner for the q104 Homegrown challenge. Prizes include $5000 in artist development (Groundswell Music)…

Sooner A Schooner

What a weekend! The boys and I want to thank everyone who made it to one of the shows over the last few nights. It was an absolute pleasure getting to spend a few days with our brothers, The Royal